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Etienne de la Vigne\LaVigne was born about 1638 in Royan, Saintonge, France.  The village of Rayon is located on the Gironde River.  He moved to Narragansett Colony, RI in 1686.  He moved to New York City, New York Co., New York in 1691.  He moved to New Rochelle, NY before 1698.

      Etienne and Elizabeth, forced to flee their home during the Huguenot persecutions, came to Narragansett, Rhode Island with their son, Stephen, in 1686.  They moved to New York before 3/3/1692, when he and his wife were recorded as members of the French Church there.  They were living in New Rochelle before 1698.  It is believed that Etienne Levigne(s) was one of the first forty families to purchase a farm from Jacob Leisler, the Acting Royal Governor who was later to be executed (probably for becoming too popular with the citizens).  At any rate the farm consisted of about 260 acres and was in the heart of the present New Rochelle business district.
      The maker of the first Map of New Rochelle, which at present hangs on the wall of the front room of the Paine Cottage in New Rochelle, shows the spelling as Levigne.  There is a short street off North Avenue in New Rochelle called Liviness Place.  In New Rochelle, in Hudson Park at the end of North Avenue, there is a monument to the Huguenot settlers; on the marker is inscribed (along with other names): "Lavigne".

The book, Passenger Lists New York New Jersey; 89 - 151, states that Etienne moved to New Rochelle about 1703.

He was married to Elizabeth Pinet.  Etienne de la Vigne\LaVigne and Elizabeth Pinet had the following children:

child i. Stephen LaVigne\LeViness.