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Joshua LeVINESS was born about 1817.

Joshua married Pheobe A. (probably the daughter of Thomas PELL).  She was born about 1826.

Joshua and Pheobe had the following children:

child i.
Mary E. LeVINESS was born about 1844.
child ii. Sarah LeVINESS was born about 1846.
child iii. Victor Joshua LeVINESS was born about 1848.  He probably died before 1860.
child iv. Marice LeVINESS was born about 1850.
child v. Amenia LeVINESS was born about 1852.
child vi. Everett LeVINESS was born about 1857.

The relation of Joshua and his family are not known at this time.
Thomas Fisher LeVINESS and two of his sons lived with them for a while after the death of Mary (LOSEE) LeVINESS, Thomas Fisher's wife.

1850 Census
Pelham, Westchester Co., NY pg 386 Residence #'s 46 49

Joshua Leviness 33 M Oysterman NY
Pheobe A. 23 F NY
Eliza Pell 19 F NY
Stephen D. Leviness 18 M Oysterman NY
Charles H. Palmer 19 M Oysterman Conn
Thomas Leviness 64 M Carpenter NY
Thomas Pell 62 M None NY
Jacob Brady 16 M Oysterman Ireland
Mary Leviness 6 F NY
Sarah E. Leviness 4 F NY
Victor Joshua Leviness 2 M NY
John Caishness 16 M Oysterman
Ann Givans 17 F Ireland
Siniou Baxter 19 M Oysterman NY
1860 Census
Pelham, Westchester Co., NY Residence #'s ? 3301

Joshua Leviness 43 M Farmer $25,000 $10,000 NY
Phebe A. 34 F NY
Mary E. 16 F NY
Sarah 14 F NY
Marice 10 F NY
Amenia 8 F NY
Everett 3 M NY
Eliza Pell 28 F NY
Charles Leviness 23 M Carpenter NY
Samuel Gahaw 18 M Oysterman NY
Caleb Cornwell 20 M Oysterman NY
John Bowen 25 M Oysterman NY
Thomas Pell 75 M NY
+4 others including one listing his occupation as coachman.