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Amos LeViness was born in NY.

      Amos was living in Phillipsburgh before 1723 when his field in the present village of Hastings was mentioned in the record of the laying out of the Albany Post Road.  His leasehold of 286 acres between those of John Conklin and Jacob Wilsea extended from the Saw Mill River to the Hudson River.
      In the records of Sleepy Hollow Church in North Tarrytown are found the records of baptism of three of Amos' children: "Eemus 1730; Liedie 1732; and Nathan 1734 -- all three are children of Amos Lefinus and his wife Maritie."
      On the fourth Tuesday in April 1747, 'Emas' was chosen assessor of the Manor of Phillipsburgh.

He was married to Mary Tompkins.  Amos LeViness and Mary Tompkins had the following children:

child i. Nathaniel LeViness.
child ii. Susanna LeViness.
child iii. Jane LeViness.
child iv. Amos LeViness.
child v. Lydia LeViness was born about 1732.
child vi. Nathan LeViness.